Prescribing and dosing

The Australian government passed legislation in October 2016 to allow medical cannabis to be supplied in Australia. To allow for over the counter medical cannabis to be available in Australia it must be approved by the TGA and government via a clinical trial team, the issue is that clinical trials can take a number of years to be completed. 

The TGA has created access pathways that bridge the gap for patients needing to gain access to medical cannabis now. The Special Access Scheme Category B (SAS B) is on a case by case basis and is a quick and simple way for patients to get the treatment they need today. Approval will be provided by the TGA after 6 days and in QLD, NSW, ACT, SA, and WA the State Health Department must provide approval to prescribe and dispense. 


If you require assistance in accessing medical cannabis or making recommendations for your patients, please use the contact and we can advise the best solution. 

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