Our CBD powder is a natural and raw form of cannabis that can be used for oral consumption or traditional smoking methods.

The powder is standardized to obtain a homogeneous content of 7% CBD and is treated with heat to guarantee a germfree product with long storage life. The majority of natural terpenes and chlorophyll are left in the powder to provide a holistic end product.

Pack sizes: 3g or 50g in either 7% or 10% CBD strength.
CBD & THC content: Each gram of powder contains 70mg or 100mg of CBD with THC content below 0.5%.

Each gram of the powder contains 70 mg of CBD with a THC content below 0.2%.

The powder is ingested with food, added to smoothies or can be inhaled or vaped. When inhaled care is needed to ensure patients understand the side effects of inflation as they can vary greatly. Dosing requirements will depend on the individual patient and the condition to be treated but always start low and move up as required. Herba Healthcare does not recommend smoking or inhalation of cannabis.

When inhaled the effects can be almost immediate around 1-2mins, and if taken orally the results can take up to 60 mins to kick in at a slower peak time.