Our extracts are produced in a gentle cold-extraction process, this maintains the valuable and temperature-sensitive components of the plants and is far more environmentally friendly than conventional extracts.

Extract syringes provide a precise and measured dose for patients and can be delivered in various ways including orally (recommend) added to food or mixed with other medication. A patient determined self-titration dose is recommended for extracts and it is important to stick within the prescribing doctor's guidelines.

Pack sizes: 10g or 20g syringes
CBD & THC content: Contains CBD and CBDA, THC below 0.1 %

We use safe and non-toxic ethanol as a solvent to dissolve some of the leading cannabis components such as terpenes and flavonoids. The solvent is then removed. All of the natural terpenes and chlorophyll are left inside to provide a holistic end product. Patients will experience no psychoactive effects due to the low THC content and are suitable for children and others sensitive to THC.

Extracts can be taken the same way as tinctures, and we recommend using them sublingually, under the tongue. Orally swallowing extracts or adding to food or other medication is suitable, but because of the bodily functions that happen after swallowing it is not recommended.

When dosing an extract sublingually, expect to feel the effects in 15-45 minutes and reach your peak in 90 minutes. If you simply drink the dose, expect a slower onset.